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Thread: Hiring an opthamologist?

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    Hiring an opthamologist?

    Have a Opt school collogue of mine who recency reconnected with me and we started talking about our practices. We practice in different states and he's in a pretty HCOL area compared to my practice. He then said something which didn't exactly sound right to me.

    He said he's carving out a space in his practice where he could hire an ophthalmologist to work for him and perform surgeries and consults. He said this plan would nearly double the practice's gross production. This sounded weird to me as I thought most surgeries were done in hospital settings. And would that really double his production numbers just by hiring an ophthalmologist? If that were the case why aren't more optometrist doing this?

    Frankly, I think he's full of it. But I do know he has a pretty successful practice. What are your guys thoughts on this?

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    Lotsa luck.

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