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Thread: Thoughts on customized Progressive lenses !

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    Thoughts on customized Progressive lenses !

    How much value do you think it gives the end-user to change pantoscopic angle or horizontal angles on a progressive lenses. or to insert the reading distance, do you believe that it is important that the lens is PD optimized, it is very rarely I solve problems in my shop by giving the patient a more advanced lens. What are your thoughts on how to customize the best lens to your patient. Does any of you only make " Zeiss individual 2" kind og lenses to your patients ?

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    These questions are debated and answered in several threads and in great detail, in the General Optics Forum of OptiBoard at the of the page "Hall of Fame".

    Here's one of them from a few years ago:

    As a general rule most of us will agree that the frame choice and skill of the fit is 80% or more of the value to make progressives work as opposed to any specific design.
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