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Thread: Best way to get lens edger without plumbing?

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    Best way to get lens edger without plumbing?

    My new office can get water running into the office, but there is no sewer to get water back out.

    I feel like my options if I wanted an in-house lab would be:

    1. Use a small hand edger. Not a lot of water needed, so I can handle the disposed water at the end of the day everyday. But it feels like if the job load gets heavy/complicated, I would really start to miss having an automatic lens edger. I'm guessing time will take forever, too.

    2. Use a portable outdoor sink system. I can install a portable sink with maybe a 5-gallon capacity tank underneath. The thing is, I don't know how much water the edger usually pumps out, so I don't know if 5-gallon tanks are going to cut it. If I need a couple of these 5-gallons to finish a day, then the process of filtering/drying/properly disposing the many 5-gallon tanks everyday seems like a nightmare to do after a long day.

    3. Use a dry cut edger. But I have never used them. I am expecting they are not 100% waterless, and that they are more expensive.

    It's not a big office, and I do +/- 10 jobs a day.

    May I ask for suggestions?

    EDIT: WOW!!!! Thanks everyone for the input. I've been leaning towards solution #2, but I just wasn't sure if that was a working solution. I'm putting everyone's words together to put a big 10 gallon tank with a pump from the garden supply, and try to avoid poly as much as possible, but leaving a nylon stocking attached just in case, and feel relieved that small operations rarely gets called on for.
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