Hello! I am looking for some V-Code billing information for Maui Jims materials. I need to know the index for the Maui Pure, Maui Brilliant, & Maui Evolution. I also need to know the same for the lens colors. Are they polarized? Polarized with Mirror, Polarized with Gradient Tint? etc... I worked in an eyecare office, but with the doctor, not the dispensary. I now program lens options in to optical software and have had conflicting information from people requesting all of the Maui Jim lenses be added. I always ask for redacted EOB and Lab Invoices so I can get accurate information prior to adding lenses to our software, but I have been unable to secure any and would like to finish this project up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been out of the office environment since 2011, so I need a little help from time to time to clear things up. I absolutely LOVE Shamir's website as it's availabilitiy data is on point and gives me all the data I need. Maui Jim, Oakley, etc..is a whole different story.

Thank you for your help!