Low usage edgers and rebuilt edgers available for April 2019

1 Optonics 7EX
drilling edger with a single cutter assembly, under 1000 cuts since new , includes Drill/Groove module. This 7EX Edger comes with Shop Vac, Tool Kit and extra Carbide blades.......12,495(NYBK)

1 Santinelli /Nidek 9000 LE 9000 SX, under 25,000 cuts since new, newer wheels, excellent condition , Doctor’s office……$4995( Oregon)

1 Coburn Kappa M10 pattern-less edger, tracer and blocker, 7035 cuts since
new…$12,995 “Essi box” compatible (NY BK)

1 2014 Essilor Gamma pattern-less edger, tracer and blocker , 14,897 cuts in Doctor’s office, new condition……$5995( Calif Brea)

1 Santinelli/Nidek 9090 Express PLB edger, 61,000 cuts since new, AHM 1000 Auto Drilling and grooving machine, LT 1000 Satellite tracer and Ice Mini + intelligent blocker, excellent condition…….$13,995(NZ)

1 Santinelli ICE 900 Intelligent blocker, new condition, used at retail under 24 months……$5500(BK)

8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$995ea )

12 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger,4T tracer, re-built ,6 month warranty…reduced to..$20,995ea

12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty… $11,995ea

day warranty…$11,995

1 Santinelli LEX 1000 Pattern-less edger/tracer and Santinelli CE 1 blocker, rebuilt, 6 month warranty….$15,995

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Barry in California 714-963-8991 Barryshepard@verizon.net

Five page list of used optical machinery www.usedlabs.com www.usedopticalmachinery.com