Ok guys, California Opticians used to be regulated by the medical board of California as of last year, mid year, we became swallowed up by Optometry. The way that whoever wrote the bill did it very stealthily and without concern for Opticians rights (whatever they may be). The California Association of opticians that represents us essentially had the door closed in their faces as these meetings were happening. The same group that fought for opticians rights and won in the 80's I feel was purposely shunned from these discussions.

The one Optician (who is supposed to be an RDO is only an RSLD in the state of California) that the board of Optometry included in the discussions belongs to(is employed by the big W)a big box store and doesn't seem to be anything more than a pawn holding a spot to make it appear that they included Opticians.She also sits on their newly made up advisory board. The bill literally redefines what a dispensing Optician is and it does not truly encompass what we are. I believe that the board who fought in the eighties are a group of older gentleman Opticians and one woman and I don't know/ haven't heard if they are fighting this bill or if they even can at this point.

Anybody out there in Optiboard land that can tell me as an Optician what or how I can begin to do something about this? I don't want to be governed by Optometry. They have there own craft they are good at and I have mine. I want my profession recognized as the stand alone profession it is. I know that we are becoming an anomaly but we do still exist.

Am I a little cray cray for thinking lil ol me can even begin to make a difference?