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Thread: What does everyone think of Shamir Autograpgh Intelligence

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    Confused What does everyone think of Shamir Autograpgh Intelligence

    I'm getting two different feedbacks on Shamir AI: great lens wider and sharper vision then, by 3 patients saying the lens makes them dizzy... What do you all think of the new Shamir Autograph Intelligence???

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    I just got a pair today. Quite impressed. Wearing them right now as I type in bed on my laptop. I have a 2.00 add. Softer design than my Zeiss Ind 2's. Low swim, low peripheral astigmatism. Good intermediate vision at 1 to 2 m. Felt great instant I put them on. Zeiss probably slightly more reading, but Shamir better intermediate and I imagine easier adaptation for most people.

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    There is something about my pair that isn't as comfortable as my Auto3 with the exact same frame model, fitting height, etc.

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