Hi there, long time lurker who is hoping for some help. Through a very long complicated process I have come to take my practical exam twice for both spectacles and contacts. Through ABO/NCLE.org I passed the spectacles portion but failed the contact portion. Through NCSORB I passed the contacts but failed the spectacles. Being that the state board apparently cannot merge the results from both to see I passed the practical for each section I am being forced to retake the spectacles portion once again.

My question though is I failed the PD measurement (ughhhh) and the lens neutralization. I do these two things on a constant basis at work every...single...day. That's not to say I'm not prone to mistakes but I felt really comfortable coming out of the test.

For the PD portion I set the dial to infinity and occluded one eye to take a mono distance measurement. For the near I set it to 35 (lowest for the test), again occluded one eye and proceeded to take the measurement. Somehow...I failed, and its embarrassing.

For the lens neutralization I did what I would do for any pair of lenses. To check for vertical prism I placed each lens at the mrp, looked at where the mires were sitting through the scope, notated it, then proceeded to do the same for the second lens. If the first lens was 1bu, second was 1bd, that is how I recorded it. There wasn't a section to actually write it out by way of principle, like these would add due to their direction, this just seemed to be asking if there was any prism in each lens. Granted I'm not super comfortable with checking for induced vertical and prism in progressives/bifocals, so maybe I did something wrong and I'm hoping someone who took it can maybe help me cause I would love to finally knock this out.

Thanks in advance!