Licensed opticians! Come join us in South Boston
South of Boston and home to John F Kennedy library, the Charles River and best beaches in the area.
Love beer, So does Sam Adams! With all there is to do on your days off, it’s a career that has it all.
Enjoy excellent benefits, and a full-time career for the best licensed opticians in Massachusetts. It’s a short drive to Boston for your foodie fix too!
Our career comes packed with benefits- from medical to retirement, and did I mention PTO, start your career off with the best of the best.
As the leading retail organization, you too will see growth and success with us.
A few items we need from you include:
-Licensed in the State of Massachusetts
-Able to fit, and dispensed eyewear (silly of us to say that! )
- Be our face of our company, with excellent customer service
- We have lensometers, and you will use them!
-Willing to work a flexible schedule including an occasional evening or weekend.
With all that you have done to attain your license we can assist with your continuing education as well as fees to maintain it..
Are you ready to see your best career? We are! Meet us confidentially, and let’s talk about your goals.
Send your resume to contact her at 866.412.4115 x 700
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