I have a patient whose prescription is:

-8.00 -0.50 x 073
-6.50 -0.25 x 097
ADD +1.50

She is in a Nikon Emblematic 1.74 for her ophthalmic and an Emblematic 1.67 polar for her suns. She says the sunglasses are perfect but she can't see out of the ophthalmic. To complicate things, she has a pair of glasses from 2015 with the following prescription:

-8.25 -0.25 x 092
-6.75 -0.25 x 103
ADD +1.50

This lens is the Nikon Master AP in index 1.74. She says she can see perfectly well out of these also.

I've checked base curve, panto, wrap, tilt, vertex distance, etc and have found that the glasses from 2015 were made on a different base curve than the two newest pairs, but her new glasses were both on the same base curve with the same panto, wrap, tilt AND vertex distance. The heights are correct on everything.

What's going on? I'm inclined to believe that she just doesn't care for her ophthalmic frame because I can't seem to make sense out of why she can't see out of them. To make matters worse, the glasses (and sunglasses) are 9 months old. She had a prescription re-check two weeks ago and the prescription is correct.

Let me know if there's something I've missed! I'm stumped!