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Optimensch. Your posts are a morass of pre-conceived notions, prejudices, and defensiveness. Like - how about this?

Butler said it should be clear from EssilorLuxottica’s practices that the company has too much market power. “If that’s not a monopoly,” he said, “I don’t know what is.”

So the crux of the matter is this. Why can Zenni sell glasses for $7 and yet you charge $700?
What type of phoropter do you use? Where did you go to optometry school? Can you name a prof or 2 you liked? See, I have serious doubts that you are an OD - because anyone with a half-ounce of actual knowledge would not post such utter garbage and lies. So if no other optiboarders care to join me in digging in to the comments made by this poster then good luck to y'all, I am gone. Cheer away, and enjoy the insight from total jokes like this.