Want to become a fully-qualified Optician/Contact Lens Fitter but can’t spend 2-years on formal public College opticianry training, or longer on an ‘apprenticeship-style’ course?

For over 35-years, Canada’s BC College of Optics has offered our innovative 6-month opticianry program. If you are genuinely motivated to become one of the most knowledgeable OPTICIAN/CL FITTER in your area, then consider our accelerated BC College of Optics training. The US dollar remains high against our Canadian dollar, making your financial investment in your future career very affordable, and no Canadian STUDY PERMIT for USA residents is required.

Grade XII or equivalent (or mature student status) with early high school Mathematics that included elementary Algebra is required for admission. Some examples of required ‘working knowledge’ Mathematics...

a) +6 +(-9)=?,
b) b) -8-(-4)=?,
c) c) If 6x + 3y= 14z, solve for x=?,
d) d) 25/2xy = 3z, solve for x=?

If you are new to opticianry, consider investing in your ‘formal’ opticianry education to become an eye care professional (ECP). Optical theory, hands-on practical... our program is complete.

See www.bccollegeofoptics.ca for Registration Form, admission information, course outlines, testimonials, etc.

Or call Assistant Program Director Sheree Watson at 1-(604) 581-0101 and she will be pleased to answer any questions.

Register now!! Our 6-month OPTICIAN/CONTACT LENS FITTER classes will begin March 18th, 2019.