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Thread: Troubleshoot Case

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    Troubleshoot Case

    Patient's previous spectacle Rx (PAL Lens)

    OD: +1.25/-0.75x95..........20/20-1
    OS: +1.25/-1.00x85..........20/20-
    ADD: 2.50 N5

    Refraction and Dispensing Rx
    OD: +1.50/-0.75x95..........20/20
    OS: +1.50/-1.00x85..........20/20
    ADD: 2.50 N5

    Patient collected the spectacles 2 days ago and came back reporting that he sees objects at a distance bigger than usual. Is this an adaptation problem and he should get accustom or did I over plus ?

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    1. Greater Vertex difference
    2. Thicker lenses ( induced magnification)
    3. Base curve greater
    4. Greater panto

    That's where I'd start.

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    Bingo. Those things can add up.

    Remember, the formula for spectacle magnification (look it up because I'm not going to try to type it, here) always spits out numbers like, 3%.

    Three. Percent.

    We do very little magnifying and minifying, in actuality, and a 1/4 diopter change is meaningless.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spectacle mag formula.png 
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    Regardless, unless your glasses are sliding down too far (h), or they're unnecessarily thick (t), or the base curve too crazy steep (F1), the patient is going to get used to it in a day or two, anyway.

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