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Thread: Varilux X can't be cut for Oakley Crankshaft frames?

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    Varilux X can't be cut for Oakley Crankshaft frames?

    The lab has tried twice unsuccessfully to cut a set of Varilux X lenses for a pair of Oakley Crankshaft frames I sent to them. They say Varilux Physio would work but that the Varilux X blanks are too small. Is this correct or should I have another lab do the work? The X is much preferred over the Physio. Any advice is appreciated.

    The prescription:
    RT: Sphere BAL Cylinder SPH Add +2.50
    LT: Sphere -1.50 Cylinder SPH Add +2.50
    PD 30
    PH 17

    The Oakley frame lens dimensions:
    60mm wide
    38mm height
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    I can't give you a direct answer because Varilux does not put out a chart with their blank sizes. However, considering the measurements you gave the ED of that frame should be over 65, so its not impossible that Varilux has not released blanks that large that are compatible with the X simply because the lens is too new. That the Physio (I assume drx) is the best lens design that you can get does surprise me just because Varilux has so many other digital designs that are older than the X. I would ask your lab if there are any other lens designs that have large enough blanks that are of a similar technology level as the X (assuming this isn't a Ultimate Lens Package order, in which case you've been put between a rock and a hard place). If there are any alternatives that your lab can give you and you're not sure what to choose then ask and you'll probably get several opinions as to what the best substitute would be.
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    It's not just blank size you're running into. Yes that's going to be an issue with that frame, but especially for dual-sided designs like the X which are very restrictive. Plus Essilor will not allow base curve deviations from their own determined best form, so that Rx is going on a 4 base X without exception. Full backside designs are much more flexible, and the Physio they are offering is likely Physio DRx as jpways said which is a full backside design. However you will not get fit values or wrap compensation with the DRx. If you need to stay in the Varilux portfolio there is the Stylistic, a full backside wrap compensated design made for sun. I have one and am unfortunately not terribly impressed. If you just need to stay in the Essilor portfolio, I also have an Ideal Advanced Wrap and I like it slightly better. Neither will get you the comparable technologies to the X, but if these are going to be sun, when you block 80+% of incoming light a lot of the fine-tuning of the highest end progressives is negated. I routinely dispenses X's in clear and Ideals in sun to the same customers, never one complaint. If you can go with anything and want exception sun lenses, go Autograph 2/3 attitude, they'll get you flexible cut-out, any base curve, full fit values and wrap compensation, tons of color options, and great AR compatibility.

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