Complete Coburn newer SGX Lab ……$13,995 for all or purchase separately (NF)
1 Coburn SGX generator, 58,000 cuts since new, innovations lab program, very good condition…$5995
2 Coburn CMX 50 cylinder machines, very new models….$2250 ea
1 Coburn Step One wax blocker, internal chiller, very good condition…$2250
80 Coburn Step One blocks…$3.00 ea
1 Coburn Lens Washer, good condition…$750
1 Digital Sag gauge..$375
500 tools/laps…$0.50 ea
1 PSI chiller, model 710, 2 place manifold…$500

Surfacing equipment…call for pictures
1 LOH V75 generator, maintained under LOH maintenance contract, excellent condition $22,995 (Fla)
1 LOH V50, 43,000 cuts since new, new condition……..$21,995(Fla)
1 Coburn SGX generator and Innovations lab program, 22,000 cuts since new….$5995(Nebraska)
1 Optek Profile SL generator,low usage,very good condition..$2995Louisiana)
2 Coburn Acuity Plus cylinder machines, good condition…..$1850 ea…Fla Chr)
1 Coburn 506 cylinder machine, 4 head, rebuilt by OWC...$1300(NC)
1 Coburn Eclipse blocker, Very good condition, Doctor's Lab……$5995( NC)
1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 hard coater and cure oven, newer style, recirculates coating…..$4995(Wash)

Used and rebuilt edgers
12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty… $11,995ea
1 AIT Maxima pattern-less edger and Combimax tracer, 6765 edges cut…..reduced to $4995 (Idaho)

Casting and AR equipment
1 ODC AR and Mirror, Nano Clear, coating machine, newer model…$4500(NY)
1 ODC AR and Mirror, Nano Clear, coating machine, newer model…$4500(NY)

Call for pictures or more information 714-963-8991 Barry Shepard e-mail