Used Surfacing equipment available for November and December

December Specials

1 Eclipse blocker, 9 months old, new condition …$6995(Nevada)
1 Coburn de-blocker….$175( Nevada)
1 Coburn Step One Lens washer, good condition……$750( Nevada)
1500 tools/laps, plastic….$0.50 ea( Nevada)
1 National Optronics 2G generator, 65,394 cuts, good condition…$4995(Fla)
1 Coburn Stratum hard Coating machine, near new condition…..$2495(Idaho)

Newer Lab for sale $18,000….or buy individually
1 National Optronics Axium generator and Innovations Lap surfacing program, under 30,000 cuts since new…$5995( NY)
2 Coburn Acuity cylinder machines, excellent condition …$2250 ea(NY)
1 Coburn Eclipse blocker, new condition…$5995(NY)
60 Eclipse blocks…$3.00 ea(NY)
1500 Tools/laps, new condition $0.50 ea(NY)
1 3 M taper, very good condition..$695(NY)
1 Coburn Chiller, handles two cylinder machines….$500(NY)
1 Digital Sag gauge…$395(NY)

Surfacing equipment…call for pictures
1 LOH V75 generator, maintained under LOH maintenance contract, excellent condition $22,995
1 LOH V50, 43,000 cuts since new, new condition……..$21,995

Over 200 used surfacing machines and edgers in very good condition are available for November and December

Call Barry Shepard in California 714-963-8991

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