Why Optometrists Should be More Like Dentists
Just like anything in life, deciding to sell an optometry practice can be made easier with a little knowledge and a little planning. Knowing your options along with the pros and cons of each can help you make the right decision for you and your family’s future.
So why should an optometrist be more like a dentist? Simple, Dentists receive top dollar for the sale of their practice when they decide to sell. In the past, probably 10-15 years ago, like optometrists, dentists would sell to associates or sell privately. While this seems painless, the problem is that after all your hard work, selling under these circumstances limits your ability to obtain the best possible price. After all, the sale of your clinic is your retirement income and it is your family’s legacy. Why should you give someone a discount?
Selling your practice is scary. I am not going to try and tell you otherwise. However, selling on the open market is the cleanest and easiest way to exit. Money is readily available from third-party lenders so a seller can often “cash out” and walk away from a practice soon after closing.
Knowing your options when it comes to selling your practice is a must. It will allow you to plan. The more you know the better you will plan, the better you plan the better the exit experience will be.
I would be happy to have a confidential conversation with you. There will be no commitment on your part other than to spend a little bit of time discussing your thoughts and asking as many questions as you like.
Best wishes,
Jackie Joachim
Chief Operating Officer
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