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Thread: Canon cr-2 non mydriatic retinal camera (refurbished) for sale!

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    Redhot Jumper Canon cr-2 non mydriatic retinal camera (refurbished) for sale!


    You are looking at a fully functional Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera that has been recently serviced by Canon.

    Note: Canon Cr-2 Model is the most recent model Canon has and is still serviceable. Therefore, do not buy any older models in which is no longer supported by Canon (Canon Cr-1, Canon Cr-Dgi)

    Instrument comes with the Latest Canon Software just installed on Windows 10 Professional 64Bit Laptop.

    Great condition. Item is ready to be put into your Optometry/ Ophthalmology Office. Bill Insurance immediately.
    Tax Deductible Section 179
    This comes from a local office and has been tested by an eye doctor on patients. Therefore, this is not coming from a liquidator or wholesaler who has tons of random non eye related medical equipment and not know how to test it.
    Returns Only if Item is not functional as promised.
    USB cord not included.

    Item will be carefully bubble wrapped and packaged with shipping insurance.

    Asking for $8900.
    Lowest Price with Laptop and Software
    See link below:
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