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Thread: Can you tint Polycarbonate Stock HC in house?

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    Can you tint Polycarbonate Stock HC in house?

    We have a BPI tinting unit.
    We are struggling to tint stock polycarb HC lenses in house SOLID GREY 3.

    BPI advised us to use the Lens Prep II Solution before tinting. We followed the instructions, and we still cannot tint stock poly lenses.

    We also cannot tint poly surfaced lenses. Why do the lens have clear transparent dots?? I can send a photo to show you what happened.

    Please advise!!!!

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    Many stock polys do not have very tintable hcs. The Vision Ease Continua is the one that tints best, but not darker than a 3.
    I do not recommend the lens prep for Poly.

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    Stock Poly coatings are much more scratch resistant and hence non tintable. When surface lenses are used, make sure the front side semi finished blank has a tintable hardcoat. For example, from Essilor, Airwear both finished and semi finished are non tintable hard coated. Gentex are some what tintable finished and semi-finished. The spots is from the hard coat breaking down from excessive heat and time in the tint bath. As you know polarized is always the preferred lens for sun wear. If not try a semi finished pre tinted blank. We use Airwear Colors from Essilor

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    As others have mentioned stock hard coated poly is a bugga to tint. Surfaced poly with an uncoated back surface can be an extent. I've found lowering the temp on the tint bath helpful but you will still have a problem achieving a consistent tint above 30% density.
    Best solution? Upgrade customer to polarized polycarb lens.(yeah, I known that is a mercenary approach)

    Apologies Precisionlab. Just noticed you had already suggested polarized.
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    Redhot Jumper Pure Polycarbonate as a material can not be surface tinted. ................

    Pure Polycarbonate as a material can not be surface
    tinted. Only the applied hardcoat may be tintable up to a certain degree.

    The more tintable the hardcoat the less scratch resistant it will be.

    Tintable polycarbonate hard coat resins may contain CR39, and if they are out of solution when applied, they become blotchy when tinting.
    Chris Ryser

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