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Thread: Anti Reflective Coating Adherence

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    Confused Anti Reflective Coating Adherence

    I added a tint to a transitions lens and then added Anti reflective coat...coating is coming of before I could dispense the tint keeping the Anti reflective coating from adhering to the lens ?

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    I'd think its more likely the photochromic layer is stopping it, you could run a backside AR instead. Though I've never tried AR coating a trans/tint lens my self. So maybe my advice is meaningless.
    -Poly is the best substrate for coatings.
    -Poly is extremely scratch resistant.
    -Poly is extremely impact resistant.
    -Poly is unparalleled in clarity.
    -Poly is much lighter than traditional crown glass.
    Like poly, you can trust me about 40% of the time.

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    The hard coat needs to be etched for the AR stack to adhere. The tint is most likely interfering with the etching process. Not sure why you would tint a photochromic to begin with. And why you would then add AR on top?

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