Surfacing equipment and edgers…call for pictures

2 Coburn DTL 150 generators, under 16,000 cuts each since new..$7995 ea
1 Coburn Lensmaker, recent XRT upgrade included new lead screws, new computer, very good condition…$7995(Arkansas)
1 Coburn SGX generator, Innovations lab program, very good working, 88,000 cuts, retail usage…$4995(Kansas)
1 Coburn SGX generator and visual lab program, 10,000 cuts since new $5995
2 National Optronics 2G generators, rebuilt, 6 month warranty….$11,995each
2 Coburn Acuity cylinder machines, 10,000 cycles since new…$2250 ea
2 Ultra Optics MR 111 hard coating machines, good condition…$6995 each
1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 hard coater and cure oven, newerstyle, recirculates coating…..$4995
1 Kappa edger, “M” model, under 9000 cuts since new, new condition$5995
1 Kappa MO5 edger, tracer and blocker, 25,000 cuts…$5750 includes crate

Complete list of used and rebuilt optical equipment s available at
Barry Shepard 714-963-8991