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Thread: Topcon KR8800 Autorefractor Keratometer

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    Topcon KR8800 Autorefractor Keratometer

    Refurbished Topcon KR8800 autorefractor Keratometer.
    Exceptional cosmetic and working condition. With warranty.

    Price is 5795.00 + S/H
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AA046BD2-2301-4284-BF84-52998DCC8780.jpg   6FB44CD1-5A39-47ED-8839-4CEC64D3995F.jpg   08EA6D1B-02AA-42A5-A8F7-7CFC3C3E3B9A.jpg   D6C9D8B4-D685-478F-AB59-A18F2CBB8072.jpg   92EFA1EB-43D6-4846-9F32-CFDCBF7A8C4F.jpg  

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