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Thread: Building A Spectacle Making Workshop

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    Idea Building A Spectacle Making Workshop

    Hi to all the eyewear enthusiasts,

    I am looking to build a spectacle making workshop. I am based in the UK and want to bring back this old technique that seems to be getting forgotten about in a world that mass produces unoriginal designs.

    I have watched many youtube videos and have briefly spoken to a few spectacle makers, although they seem to keep their work discreet as it is their trade.

    Could anyone advise on equipment on a small bespoke scale so i can produce in store?

    I also would like to know where i can purchase rivets parts. If anyone is in the UK who does hand made eyewear i would also be interested in visiting or even becoming a pupil. I have so many design ideas. I want to start with acetate, wood and horn. Over time i would like to get into metal frames also.

    I look forward to hearing from you all :-)

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    There are a number of sources for rivets. Here's a good one:

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