Taking a shot in the dark and posting this here. We are located near I20/67. If you are north of 635 it will probably take you an hour or more to get here with that crazy north Dallas traffic. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, have them contact me at dpcbb@flash.net. This is a great company and a very interesting job away from the normal daily grind of retail optical!


We are looking for an experienced Optician that utilizes the skill sets of an Optician but without the normal in-person interactions (or insanity) of a traditional optical job. This job does not come open very often as there are only a few in the world like it. This opening is the combined result of an employee relocating and taking another position within the company and rapid growth.

We are a manufacturer outside of the Optical industry. As an ABO Certified Optician myself for more than 20 years, I understand your job...and your frustrations. How many times can you tell someone to wear their new progressives for 2 weeks to get used to them and they call an hour later saying they aren’t correct, am I right? We don’t have that problem. We also don’t work evenings or weekends.

This position involves moderate customer interaction and rarely in person. You will largely be working with our sales representatives across the U.S. and dealers around the world by phone and email. Knowledge of optics and optical processes required, though you will only be responsible for a fraction of what a typical optician does. A large part of the job is serving as a liaison between our production staff and global sales force.

If you are looking for a new position that is largely different from the day-to-day that you are used to while working with great people from all over the world (literally), in a casual and relaxed environment, we would love to speak with you to provide more detail on who we are and what we do.


  • Multitasker and fast learner
  • Highly Organized
  • Computer savvy
  • Detail oriented
  • Great phone etiquette and communication skills
  • Dependable, reliable, articulate
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Organized
  • Knowledge and use of Lensometer
  • Verify Rx glasses received from the lab
  • Ability to Multi-Task

-- ABO Certification is preferred --

2 years or more

High School or greater