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Thread: Essilor Sunwear Colors - AR question

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    Essilor Sunwear Colors - AR question

    Hi everyone,

    Asking here because my lab rep is out, and I'm hoping to get these ordered today. For Essilor Sunwear Colors, I'm familiar with the typical recommendation of Xperio AR for polarized lenses, or Crizal SunShield for non-polarized lenses. I'm ordering a pair for myself, and since their purpose will be for therapeutic tint (not polarized), I'm interested in having AR on both front and back.
    Ideally, I'd like Sapphire 360; does anyone know if that or any other Crizal products are compatible coating options for this tint film?


    (eta: I called my lab earlier, and the CSR seemed unsure of options, but said Sharpview was probably the only option. I'm not a fan of that, so looking for confirmation.)

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    You can order Crizal products on tinted lenses (front and back), but there are some limitations.

    Any Crizal product (e.g., Crizal Avance UV) except Crizal Sapphire 360 UV can be ordered on the following materials:
    1.50 - any color including gradients
    1.67 - solid tints only in four colors (I'm pretty sure the 4 include grey, brown, and green).

    Hope this helps,
    Pete Hanlin, ABOM
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    Essilor of America

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    Pete, I think the question is specifically about the Essilor Sunwear Colors line (Gray Mist, Sienna Brown, Forest Gray, etc.), not just tinted lenses in general. Labs have always told me I had to do Xperio AR, SunShield, or TD2. I've never tried to order them with a frontside AR either.
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