Just finished renovating my optical dispensary and have the gently used displays up for sale. This would be great if you wanted to add to your optical or totally re-do your optical. It would also be a less expensive way to get one started! But for whatever reason you want, the displays are all lighter wood color and all matching. I have 4 wall displays each holding 84 frames (12 rows, 7 columns) for a total wall display of 336 frames. Also included are 3 drawer units that can hide seasonal frame displays and other decor or more frames for extra inventory. Also included are 5 mirrors; 2 Horizontal, 3 Vertical (see photos). Also included are 4 shelving units; 2 wide (with wood sides and glass shelves) and 2 narrow (with glass sides and glass shelves). Also included are 2 dispensing tables each with a drawer unit built in. The table top is made of wood with formica surface in near perfect condition.

I also have two hydraulic tables (table height is adjustable with the press of a button) that are not pictured.Attachment 13810Attachment 13811Attachment 13812Attachment 13813Attachment 13814