May 14th, 2018 6-month Canadian training available

Want to become a fully-qualified Dispensing Optician/Contact Lens Fitter but don’t have 2-years to spend on formal public College opticianry training, or 4-years on ‘apprenticeship training’

Are you confused by optical theory & optical formulas, and how they can help you to troubleshoot eyeglass problems? Want to learn optical instrumentation skills, acquire contact lens slit-lamp proficiency, master back-toric v. bi-toric CL lenses and when to fit each? Study contact lens complications? Want useful ‘hands-on’ practical training, led by our award-winning and experienced optical instructors? All this and more is available to you in Canada, and in only 6-months of study. At Canada’s BC COLLEGE OF OPTICS.

For the past 33-year BC College of Optics has offered its innovative 6-month opticianry program. 29 USA States have no formal licensing requirements for opticians. If you are genuinely motivated to become listed as the best-trained and most knowledgeable optician in your area, then seriously consider taking 6-months out of your lives to visit beautiful BC, CANADA and enrol in our BC College of Optics program. The US dollar remains very high against our Canadian dollar, making your investment in your future very affordable.

We don’t teach to only ‘basic’ ABO/NCLE levels... we teach the full range of optical competencies to ‘ADVANCED ABO/NCLE’levels. And if properly motivated, BCCO graduates might even reach for the highest competency credentials available in the USA today... ABO Master (ABOM) and CLSA Fellow (FCLSA) status.

Fully-accredited in British Columbia, CANADA by our Ministry of Advanced Education since 1998, our BCCO graduates have historically achieved excellent Dispensing and Contact Lens Fitting results at Canada’s rigorous National NACOR competency examinations in both Dispensing and Contact Lens Fitting.

High School transcript showing Grade XII, or equivalent, (or mature student status), plus one year of Mathematics (that included some basic Algebra) is required for admission. Here are some examples of required ‘working knowledge’ Algebra...
+6 +(-9)=? -5-(-4)=? If 6x + 3y= 14z, solve for x=?

If you have an existing optical business with a motivated staffer (or family member), invest in their professional future by sending them to BC College of Optics. Or, earn excellent wages as an Ophthalmic Assistant in an Optometrist or Ophthalmology office.
See our new school website... for Registration Form, admission information, course outlines, etc. Or, call Assistant Program Director Sheree Watson at 1-(604) 581-0101 and she will be pleased to answer any questions.

Hurry!! 6-month classes... will begin May 14th, 2018.