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Thread: Drivesafe SV vs Drivesafe Individual SV

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    Drivesafe SV vs Drivesafe Individual SV

    Can someone explain the difference between the two single vision Drivesafe options from Zeiss? And how the Drivesafe Individual SV differs from the Individual SV? Thanks.

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    More customization and refinement

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    DriveSafe SV is compensated for default PoW values
    9.0 degrees of pantoscopic tilt
    6.5 degrees of wrap
    12.0 mm BVD

    DriveSafe Individual SV allows you to customize the PoW values. If you choose not to it will be received with the default values.

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    There is a discernable difference in patient experience, also. You can think of it as the difference between 3D SV and Individual SV.

    The difference between Individual and Drivesafe Individual has primarily to do with power distribution as well as AR. Drivesafe is designed to provide for more rapid accommodation when checking your mirrors and gauges, where as Individual is simply trying to provide as broad/clear/stable vision as possible. Drivesafe Individual will have more peripheral distortion, but is WAY more comfortable for driving. The Drivesafe AR, I assume you are familiar with, filters out blue spectrum light that is emitted primarily by Xenon and LED headlamps.

    Finally, all of the above mentioned products can be further enhanced by i.Scription. i.Scription calculates an rx by combining your subjective refraction with additional mapping data collected by the i.Profiler, writing an rx that corrects to 1/100th of a diopter. When you have patients with lots of corneal aberration, they will REALLY notice the difference. Myself personally, I feel like I have very young eyes, again with my Drivesafe Individual i.Scription.

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