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Thread: Complete surfacing lab for sale ....Newer SGX lab

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    Complete surfacing lab for sale ....Newer SGX lab

    Complete Newer SGX PLUS retail lab available in NY State….$10,995

    1 SGX PLUS surface generator, 76,000 cuts since new and Visual Lab Pro program

    1 OWC/Coburn style cylinder machine , finer FPZ

    1 OWC/Coburn style cylinder machine, polisher CMA

    1 Wax blocker OWC model WSWB-G

    1 Coburn Lens Washer, wax remover

    1 Unimaster vacuum

    1000 tools/laps

    1 Extra large steel tool/lap cabinet, ball bearing drawers

    1 AIT SLM-501blocker

    1 AIT Speede blocker

    Many other machines are available on

    Call Barry Shepard for pictures, questions or to purchase 714-963-8991
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