Welcome to the OptiBoard Community Newsletter for February 2002!

Today's Date is: 03-11-2003. This newsletter covers activity activity since 02-01-2003.

Optiboard Launches New Forum!

I am very pleased to announce a new OptiBoard service - the Optical Product Review Forum

Talk about the importance of a single thread! A poll was started last fall to find out how we could improve Optiboard with new forums. Out of the many types of forums listed, far and away, Optiboarders choose to have a Product Review forum.

We launched this forum on Feb. 23rd. The purpose of the product review Forum is to publish reviews written by OptiBoard members for products and services they use in their jobs.

The Product Review forum was created by the members to provide information on products currently in use, or new products coming out in the marketplace. All members are encouraged to visit this new forum and to post comments or questions on the posted reviews or - to submit reviews yourself. You can find the forums here:


...and the forum rules and guidelines are here:


Live Eyewear is again hosting the OptiBoarders meeting at their booth during Vision Expo East. The date and tuime for this meeting is set for Saturday, March 22 at 1:00 EST. We hope you everyone at VEE will be able to make it.


Please show your support for OptiBoard and our forum sponsor by visiting their forum and learning more about the products and services they offer.

o Smart Lens Technology by Transitions Optical

This month's featured member is:

Diane Drake (aka Diane on the forums)

Diane has been a member and a contributor to OptiBoard for many years. According to one of our Moderators, "Dianne's posts are always well thought out and balanced. She always maintains decorum with perfect manners even if things get warm." Another said, "Diane puts the 'Optical Professional' in OptiBoard's premier community of optical professionals. When Diane replies to a thread, you know that the posting member's question is going to be answered clearly and completely."

In addition to her contributions on the Board, Diane is also a well-known and popular Speaker in the industry. In fact she is part of the OptiBoard Speakers' Bureau which you can read about here:


Congratulations Diane, and thanks for being a valuable member of the OptiBoard Community!


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We had the following activity in February:

o New members: 97 (2,155 current total*)
o New message threads: 254 (6,510 current total)
o New posts: 1,950 (50,210 current total)
o Total hits: 933,016
o Total unique visits: 11,714
o Total Kb downloaded in January: 2,311,695 KiloBytes of information!

* Some obsolete memberships were removed last month.


Once again, thanks to all of you for your support and for helping make OptiBoard truly the 'Premier Online Community of Eyecare Professionals Worldwide!'

Steve Machol
OptiBoard Administrator