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Thread: Best Study Material For Abo?

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    Best Study Material For Abo?

    Hi All!
    I am scheduled to take my Abo test in Nov and would so appreciate any and all advice. This is my second try, and I feel like I could really benefit from more resources.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the OB!

    I used the Optician Works ABO study guide and focused heavily on the math. Mastering Prentice's Rule was my main goal and then I focused on terminology and anatomy (which I hardly had any questions on.)

    I was confident in the rest of the test due to experience on the floor and in the lab so I focused on what I knew would be on the test that I wasn't familiar with and it worked!

    Good luck!!
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    I also liked the Optical Training Institutes ABO Study Guide.

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    Hello, I don't know how relevant my answer will be, but still. I also recommend ABO Optical Training Institutes ABO Study Guide. This will be enough for the Abo exam. But of course, you can ask different questions in the training section for optiboard (Here people help each other and there are many who have already passed the exam). Hope it was helpful. Good luck to all
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