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Thread: National Optronics Horizon II Edger

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    National Optronics Horizon II Edger

    $250.00 plus $89.95 FEDEX Ground Shipping to Continental US only. Payment by Credit Card or PayPal.

    The edger has been sitting for several years. It cycled, functioned and edged the last time it was hooked up to a compressor and vacuum. Sold As Is.


    Vacuum System
    Plastic debris is removed by a vacuum system, eliminating the need for coolants.

    Optional Cutters
    As factory equipped, the edger will cut bevel and rimless interchangeably. Optional cutters expand edge peripheries to a dozen finishes, including Grooving, Faceting, Shelving and Roll & Bevel.

    Cuts all shapes, sizes and powers of CR-39, Polycarbonate and Hi-Index lenses without changing cutters. Carbide blades cut instead of grind, so there is no rounding of the bevel. Standard cycle time is less than one minute.
    Variable Flow Control
    Standard cycle time is less than one minute, with a 20 second finish-only cycle for touch-up. Even the largest Poly lenses can be edged in a single cycle with a slower flow control cycle.

    All Electronic
    Fully integrated circuitry eliminates microswitch adjustment, ensuring high reliability.

    Proven Performance
    Thousands of installations worldwide have proven the Horizon II to be a workhorse of the industry.

    Two Bevel Placement System
    Two fully-adjustable bevel guide systems are standard: A Teflon Guide Wheel which tracks the actual front curve of the lens or a Cam Tracking System which duplicates nominal base curves. Both
    systems provide for fully variable front-to-back placement on all periphery finishes. Each system
    features a cycle-pause feature which allows the operator to easily make bevel placement adjustment

    Pattern Making
    Pattern from a lens capability, a feature unique to dry edging, is standard.

    Brushless Motor
    Our DC, brushless motor is ultra quiet and more durable than conventional router motors.

    Call 303-532-5707 or email

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    Is National Optronics Horizon 11 Edger Still Available?

    If So, do you have a 4T Tracer and 3B or AIT Speede Blocker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EYERA View Post
    Is National Optronics Horizon 11 Edger Still Available?

    If So, do you have a 4T Tracer and 3B or AIT Speede Blocker?
    Speede blocker, maybe. But the H2 has no need for a 4T tracer.

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