We going to sell the complete lab which was set it up in 2013 with new machines which are working at the moment as well. We work only in 1 shift with 8 hours. Our current production process is at 35,000 pair of lens. All the machine is in perfect condition, well maintained, they almost like new.
Lab setup:
Surfacing: Schneider - HSC sprint line FF E

  • Schneider LMS FF plus
  • Sophisticated Lens Design Package
  • CB Bond E
  • HSC sprint V2
  • CCP Swift
  • CCL C* Mark

Hard Coating: Leybold + Schneider

  • UCS 40
  • DHC 20 - schneider dip coating (2016 dec.)
  • MR III - spin coating
  • Flowbench
  • Ovens

AR Coating: Leybold

  • CCS Light unit
  • Flowbench
  • Teco lens printing pad

The lab capacity is around 90 lenses in 8 hour shift, and come with all the accessories, tools, spare parts and consumables for around 3 month.
For more detailed information and price please contact at: laszlo.boda@brillis.eu