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Thread: Managing Optician - Peoria, IL

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    Blue Jumper Managing Optician - Peoria, IL

    VVO is searching for Opticians to manage our new locations opening across the Midwest.

    Our Managing Opticians will be responsible for leading our stylists to ensure all customers receive exceptional service throughout their shopping and purchasing experience.

    The Managing Optician will ensure flawless accuracy in taking and recording measurements, adjusting and fitting eyewear, and execution of all details as needed.

    He/she will verify that all finished eyewear meets optical standards and customer’s requirements/requests and comfortably explain eyewear prescription terminology to customers.

    The Managing Optician will be responsible for training new Stylists and ensuring the Optique meets or exceeds sales goals.

    In return, we offer a crazy benefit package which includes , medical, PTO, vision, dental, 401k , and profit sharing!

    To apply for this amazing opportunity, send your resume to

    imatters represents the leading eye care practices, corporations, sales and research projects in the Nation. Good careers – start with great clients, better opportunities, where your aspirations become reality – we have those great careers.

    Learn about these and more great clients through and give us a call at 866.412.4115

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