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Thread: Two Florida Opticians looking for work in Maine

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    Wave Two Florida Opticians looking for work in Maine

    Some in here may remember I posted a fishing request looking for work in Maine about a year ago.
    Well time has passed and my wife and I are leaving sunny florida and on our way to Maine this coming Friday 07-14-2017. We sold the house and are loading the truck. Wife's dad died and she now feels a need to come help her mom.
    We will be in the center of Maine, belle grade lakes area aka Skowhegan. Staying with mom for a bit till we locate work which will determine where we buy the next house.
    We both bring 60+ years of optical experience with us. Surfacing, finishing, management, pre-screening, scheduling, as you know the list goes on and on. Please contact us for more details.
    Resume's available upon request. In the next week or two we will be canvassing the area. But till then If anyone has any insite for positions open please let us know and we will respond. Please feel free to call us. 850-691-6709 (wife) 850-691-6714 (husband)
    Thanks in advanced for any possible assistance in this matter.

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    Sorry to hear of the loss, but it sounds like you are heading for a new adventure. I'm a little south of where you are headed but I will keep an ear out for openings that might fit your needs. Best of luck!
    Have I told you today how much I hate poly?

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    Also sorry to hear of your loss CC. Good luck and much success on your new adventure up north!

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    Chris, Pease pass my condolences to Ellen.

    He was an optician in Maine for over 25 years before moving down to Florida to work with use part time and ease into retirement.

    Give me a call

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