3-MONTH BC College ADVANCED CL TRAINING August 21st, 2017
BC College of Optics 13-week Contact Lens Fitter training... AUGUST 21ST, 2017

If you have already completed a formal Dispensing Optician program and want to upgrade your optical credentials to include ‘Contact Lens Fitter’, consider our full-time 3-month CL program, 8:30am-12:30pm, Monday through Friday. If you must, ask your employer for a 3-month leave of absence and come down to beautiful BC for the summer, then return a fully qualified and confident CL fitter.
Contact lens fitters are in great demand in the Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and eastern Canadian provinces, and throughout many parts of the USA. Both theory and CL hands-on training is learned in-house with no outside practicums required. Fit all types of rigid and soft specialty lenses, and complete slit-lamp, radiuscope, keratometer, anatomy, follow-up, hygiene training, etc. is included. Our BCCO students graduate ready to pass Canada’s intensive NACOR National CL exams and to pass any NCLE Advanced exams.
See our CL course outline in our school website... www.bccollegeofoptics.ca Call Assistant Program Director Sheree Watson for our free school brochure, or for further course information at (604) 581-0101.