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Thread: Advice building software

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    Advice building software

    I am doing some market research on problems opticians are having that could be solved with software. Particularly, I came across a random snippet on the internet from an optician spending a lot of time keeping track which glasses their customers are interested in, where they are in the sales process, and with remembering to follow up with customers after some period of time.

    Is this something you deal with? If there were a software product out there to accomplish this, what else would you like it to do?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Buck, there's a lot of aspects we deal with and would be a huge undertaking to create a product and compete with the big guys who already have something. I have thought about doing it myself and the programmers optical pros (myself) and the time to build a product and be able to get certified by us government... how can we do it cost effectively... right now the biggest push back is functionality and cost since insurance companies keep cutting the revenue sources to the providers. If you would like to discuss more send me a dm.

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    Helpful building information!

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