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    Blue Jumper Hey everyone

    Was looking for a "Post you introductions here" thread, but here goes. Swedish "Optiker" since 10 years back, level of education would put me somewhere between a dispensing Optician and an Optomtetrist I think, we do both eye Exams and grind lenses, but we are very limited in the areas of treating eye ailments.

    Have been using this place as a resource for years, I hope I can start to contribute a bit more. Always a delight to peak and see what happens in the bigger pond.

    Best of greetings
    Rickard Johansson

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    I am just starting out here on OptiBoard. I am a dispensing optician and retail store manager with 9 years experience near Seattle. I have also dropped in from time to time over the years but never committed to joining the community. Since spring is the time for new beginnings, I thought I'd give it a go.

    Good to meet you, Ric! Hope to see you around!

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    Welcome to the both of you!

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    Hey Ric, I"ve been a member for about 7 years here on Optiboard. 17 year veteran in the business, based out of Charlotte, NC.
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