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Thread: ophthalmology course

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    ophthalmology course

    Anyone lives in SF Bay Area? I'm helping my youngest brother find a school where he can enroll for ophthalmology course. I'll be supporting his schooling too and my day offs were all spent with research and inquiries abt schools, tuitions and loan application. And speaking about loan, do you think the bank or any other financing institutions will grant my personal loan application if it will be intended for school enrollment purposes? Or do they have a specific type of loan intended for schooling like educational plan? Sorry, this is my first time to apply for a loan and my knowledge is very limited.

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    These two loans that you've mentioned can both help to sustain the education of your brother. Personal loan is a multipurpose loan in which you can have especially for the miscellaneous expenses. You could have it also for education purposes. While there is also the so called educational loan. You can apply it for education needs. Although, you still have to state the school before you can get it and wait for an approval. By the way, you can always check it directly with banks or credit unions about your preferred loans according to your needs.
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