Our ophthalmology practice provideshigh quality medical eye care to a diverse patient population indowntown Berkeley. To help increase the number of patients we canserve daily, we will relocate to a larger space within the year andhope to find a skilled and compassionate optometrist to share inpatient care. The larger space can accommodate the addition ofcontact lens and optical services if the right optometrist wishes todevelop their own vision care practice alongside our medicalservices.

For this growth phase to be successfulfor all will require open and thoughtful communication, flexibilityand patience. Optometry work would initially be part-time, in tandemwith M.D. , expanding to O.D. primary eye care at times when the M.D.is in surgery or out of office. Providing coverage for anothercommunity optometrist who will have medical leave will be integratedinto our plans.

Start our conversation by telling uswhat you're currently doing, in what direction you would like to headand why. Include your resume or CV, please.