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Thread: OPTICAL MUSEUM? Donated Old Equipment

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    OPTICAL MUSEUM? Donated Old Equipment

    Hello I've been in the optical field all my life. I've come to the conclusion that the optometry is left behind in history due to the sensitivity of the eye. Old is never good. Im gathering any equipment that you might want to donate. I dont care what it is, the older the better. The future needs to see how we helped the world see and the machines will be in good hands, Ive done it all from fixing to prescribing. Forever will the name of the Dr or Owner be attached to the machine for the people to see who donated for everyone to see forever.

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    If anyone in this industry wants to truly see history, visit this wonderful place. I visited many years ago, and so want to return. I am concerned they might keep me if I do...... that happens with age, but if you want to see the history of this profession, it is there. Congratulations to Mr. Whitney and his outstanding staff and board for a great job in keeping it alive for us all.

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    Finest kind ! ! !

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