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Thread: Opticalc v1.4 (No, not that Opticalc. The other one.)

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    Opticalc v1.4 OOPS! Permissions edited. Now you can edit the sheet and not just view.

    Hey everybody, Robert Minardi here. I just wanted to share something with anyone interested in ophthalmic optics calculations.

    I made this about a year ago and I think you might enjoy it. The thickness calculations were tested against hundreds of jobs (mostly moderate to high sphere and cylinder with oblique axis) and is usually accurate to less than .5mm but no more than 2mm off in rare cases.

    1) You'll want to go to "File" -> "Make a copy" first thing. If you don't, more than one person could log into the same sheet and you'll have to battle to the death while trying to make changes.

    2) If you want to see all of the scripts (Javascript/Googlescript) that went into this, you can go into "Tools" -> "Script Editor". PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE SCRIPTS! It will break the spreadsheet even if you're using a copy.

    3) There's a set of instructions under the data entry area for download labeled "Download Opticalc Instructions" oddly enough.

    4) The fields you should change the values have orange or blue colored backgrounds. Everything else is done automatically.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions about it. Enjoy.
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