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Thread: BRAND NEW Nidek LEX1200 Edger Only F/S by the Finishing Lab $28,000

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    BRAND NEW Nidek LEX1200 Edger Only F/S by the Finishing Lab $28,000
    Nidek LEX-1200 PLB8 Edger Only
    Take advantage of Tax Section 179 Tax benefit!!
    Warrenties, install and training is also available.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Patternless Edger LEX-1200
    Perfection at every curve Today’s lenses and frames have a wide range of shapes and curves.
    The LEX-1200 is equipped with a multiple-frame tracer, that accurately reads any shape at every curve.
    Versatile edging options are offered via unique specialty-shaped wheels and newly designed software.
    Smart grinding pressure control The LEX-1200 lens edging process is performed with optimal grinding pressure that minimizes lens torque, yet expedites cycle time.
    High-quality lens finish The intelligent software lens-processing sequence produces a high-quality finish time and time again.
    Selectable processing speed mode Cycle time can be selected from two types of processing speed modes.
    Advanced soft grinding mode A gentler processing mode keeps hydrophobic coated lenses perfectly on axis.
    Grooving & safety bevel function Fully-automatic grooving and safety beveling are available depending on model type.
    Stabilized chuck pressure Lens chucking assembly secures lens with appropriate, continuous and stable amount of pressure for grinding.
    Six types of wheel configurations Six wheel configurations are available to meet varied processing applications (The availability may vary by market).
    Multiple modes for all lens materials Special processing modes for various lens materials, including Trivex lenses, are available.
    Multiple lens edging profiles Unique and specialized lens edge profiles favorable with all current types of frames, such as high-wrap and shallow groove rims, deliver a high-quality “first-cut” fit.
    High base curve lens processing Special wheel design, in conjunction with patented software, provides a wide variety of lens edging to fit various frame shapes and styles.
    Multi bevel function A multitude of highly-customizable bevel shapes are available to meet today’s challenging frame eyewires.
    Mini step beveling function Highly specialized step bevel function is able to grind an asymmetrical shelf-style rear bevel with excellent lens-to-frame fit for those “non-Rx-able” eyewear.
    New multiple-frame tracer New tracer provides accurate measurement of a wide array of frames including high-wrap style.
    Simple “one-touch” demo lens tracing Easy-load, magnetic pattern setting assembly provides single-step tracing operation.

    LEX-1200 Specifications Model Grinding system Mode Setting range FPD PD 1/2PD Optical center height Size adjustment Bevel position Minimum grinding size Flat edging Bevel edging Hi-curve bevel edging Safety beveling (flat) Safety beveling (bevel) Grooving Tracing unit Method FPD measurement Frame clamping Setting of stylus Measuring points Measurement accuracy Wheel configuration Water supply system Interface Power supply Power consumption Dimensions / Mass Standard accessories Optional accessories LEX-1200 LEX-1200NT None Patternless Beveling (automatic, guided, safety beveling, polishing, high base curve)*1 Flat edging (polishing, safety beveling, grooving) Semi step (0.0 to 2.0 mm) (0.1 mm increments) Custom beveling 30.00 to 99.50 mm (0.50 mm increments) 30.00 to 99.50 mm (0.50 mm increments) 15.00 to 49.75 mm (0.25 mm increments) 0 to ±15.0 mm (0.1 mm increments) 0 to ±9.95 mm (0.05 mm increments) 0 to ±10.0 mm (0.1 mm increments) ø32.0 x 19.5 mm / with nano cup (optional) ø20.0 x 15.5 mm ø33.0 x 21.0 mm / with nano cup (optional) ø21.0 x 16.5 mm*2 ø39.0 x 26.0 mm / with nano cup (optional) ø27.0 x 22.5 mm ø34.5 x 21.5 mm / with nano cup (optional) ø23.0 x 18.5 mm ø35.5 x 22.5 mm / with nano cup (optional) ø24.0 x 19.5 mm ø32.0 x 19.5 mm / with nano cup (optional) ø20.0 x 15.5 mm Built-in Automatic 3-D binocular tracing Available One-touch automatic clamping Switchable between automatic and semiautomatic 1,000 points Frame tracing ±0.05 mm (circumference error with ø45 standard frame) Type PLB-G, PL-8, PLB-8, PLB-2R8 Pump circulation or direct connection to tap water RS-232C - 3 ports 2 ports for connection with a PC or blocker 1 port for connection with the Lex Drill Ethernet - 1 port AC 100 to 120 V or 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz 1.5 kVA 528 (W) x 493 (D) x 356 (H) mm / 45 kg 20.8 (W) x 19.4 (D) x 14.0 (H)" / 99 lbs. Pliable cup, Pliable cup for high base curve lenses, Double-coated adhesive pad, Pliable cup remover, Dressing stick for glass roughing wheel (type PLB-G, PL-8, PLB-2R8), Dressing stick for finishing wheel, Compound kit for polishing wheel, Pattern setting unit, Standard frame, Standard pattern, Stylus cover, Frame support attachment, Hexagonal screwdriver (2.5 mm), Hexagonal wrench (2.5 mm, 4 mm), Adapter set, Spare fuse, Accessory case, Power cord

    The edger is 100% BRAND NEW!

    100% BRAND NEW
    100% Operations
    0 Cuts
    0% Blocker (No Blocker Included)
    LEX1200 Operational Manual and Install Manual
    100% Accessory Kit
    12 Pliable Cup Blocks and Pliable De-Blocker
    100% Direct Water System (Included)
    Santinelli Retail Price is over: $40,000 (you'll never get it cheaper then $30,000


    The Finishing Lab is only a broker and in no way own this machine. This machine is sold 100% AS IS. If the system is bought you understand 100% what you are buying. We in no way accept returns once the edger has shipped from the Finishing Lab.
    Please email us with any questions before bidding or buying. If paying with Paypal, a 4% charge will be added at check out. Credit cards accepted direct add 4% Other payment options are a business check and the equipment will ship once it clears and of course local pickup is always an option.

    Please email us with any questions before you buy

    Check out more edgers for sale here!

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    by chance,do you still have it available

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