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Thread: Equipment for Sale, Office Closing

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    Equipment for Sale, Office Closing - Updated with prices

    Castroville, CA (about half way between Santa Cruz and Monterey) Older equipment, prices negotiable. The SL 7 slit lamp and the auto-refractors are newer.

    May be able to deliver to Northern CA, with purchase of multiple items, or for a reasonable fee (gas).

    Frame Displays and inventory

    (2) AO manual projectors w/slide $70 each

    (2) Reliance Stands, one blue, one black $500

    Luxvision Phoropter $1250

    Slit Lamp: Topcon SL 7E with Beam Splitter for teaching tube $3500

    Haag Streit AT 900 Goldmann tonometer checked with balance, accurate $800

    (2) Topcon KR-8000 Auto-refractor/Keratometers
    1st- printer paper cover is broken, & automatic paper feed for loading paper doesn't engage. After manually loading the paper, it works fine. $2500
    2nd - auto-refractor over minuses $1750

    Topcon SL-3D slit lamp $1500

    Union Vision Motorized table (single instrument - pictured beneath the SL-3D slitlamp) $125

    LuxVision Motorized table (single instrument - pictured below the auto-refractor). $150

    Haag Streit Goldmann tonomter - no model number- checked with balance, accurate $700

    ShinNippon Slit lamp SL 101-S spins down with weight of tonometer, needs stronger balance spring? $1200

    Bausch and Lomb manual Keratometer $150

    Also, the practice itself is for sale. Please see the Berkeley website if interested.
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