Seeing all this litigation between Bush an Gore, reminded me of a case i had back in 1982. At the time i had my own dispensary in Gainesville, Georgia. The Univis rep had came by and sold me some of the first Halston frames they ever produced. They were marked on the inside temple in roman numerals. At that same time J.C. Penney had contracted with Halston to sell their clothing line in the J.C. Penney stores. Coincidentally the clothes had the same numbers, but they were marked in arabic numbers. I got this great idea and put an advertisement in the local newspaper stating, " Buy your Halston eyewear at Harry A. Saake Optician, and buy the matching clothing at J.C. Penney. Well Penneys didnt like that and called Halston, who right away had their lawyer call me to tell me i could not mention J.C. Penney or sell Halston and use the numbers. I said bull. Next i had the folks from univis calling me telling me i could not use the numbers. Well to make a long story short, i declared as long as i was buying those frames i was going to use those numbers. The attorneys fought it out and the end result was an agreement was, we could both sell halston, but i could only use roman numerals and J.C. Penney could only use arabic numbers. Crazy as it sounds, but a true story, maybe i,m just lucky