Come make your dreams a reality, director of optical operations.

Can the right career come along at the right time - yes!

imatters is pleased to represent the best of the best in ophthalmic practices, with clients whom have established themselves as leaders in eyecare , technology, patient management, and experience.

We have an amazing career to call your own.

Come join us as the director of optical operations

Think about your success, and how many you have influenced generations of eyecare specialists with your knowledge.

It’s not easy coming behind a superstar, it’s hard work, and those feet need to fit a big pair of shoes that have made their mark, lets make yours even bigger!

Joining us is joining the best in eyecare, top docs, multiple accolades for being the best of the best.

Be our eyes and ears. with current knowledge of eyecare trends, services, and products

Be our savant insurance guru, with various eyewear benefit programs and 3rd party contracts

Our smooth operator in negotiations of optical acquisitions, and relationships.

Teach us to fish.. training , staff development, and action plans.

Put on your visor and whip out the calculator– with strong analytical, financial and P&L skills

Lets shake those jazz hands, managing our brand with our advertising, promotion and PR activities for the optical
add in a healthy budget for training, development, and surf into your own legacy.

Show us the path to success in patient management.

Joining us is joining a family of super smart, developed, trained physicians, technicians, opticians and ancillary support.

We bring the best of the best for you, benefits that blow your mind, and prepare for that golden retirement plan too.

We ask you to bring multi-location optical management, ABO certification, and prefer an MBA or equivalent in your work. Relocation assistance, travel expenses, its all here.

Lets make this your best career ever. Contact charisse at imatters to learn more and see your future confidentially, our world can be yours, lets start today

Charisse can be reached 866.412.4115 x 700, send your cv to
It’s a perfect day to make your world better – imatters helping you see the best future.