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    OPT Magazine

    So I wanted to see if I can get opinions from the esteemed professionals here to see if what we're doing is useful, helpful, or mostly a waste of time. We've just put out our second issue of OPT Magazine, and I wanted to see what the opinions of it are. Is this something we should keep doing? Or is it more of a novelty that's not terribly helpful/interesting?

    The way that I see it, education is increasingly the issue in the industry, as well as a majority of the 'education' being done by sales reps, or other certain large companies. I'd like to try and have this magazine be a place for useful information that has at least a little practical application to most practices. It also, of course, should be entertaining. This mix of education/entertainment is what we're trying to get right and, hopefully, we've done at least an 'okay' job of it.

    So please, let me know what the opinions are and, if something is bad, let me know and we'll see what we can do to improve!

    The Summer 2016 online PDF is available here.
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    Outstanding job! I'm already a loyal fan just for the editorial sense of humor. (Reminds me of how much I enjoy reading 'The Economist.')

    It's not bad analogy, because your mag is very meaty! When's the last time you saw an industry rag that had articles this thorough and penetrating? I can't remember either....

    Really, really good job--and tell your folks I said so. Seriously, I'm ready to subscribe if you tell me I have to.

    You'll have a reader here for as long as you care to publish them.

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    Love the magazine!!!! It's fun and thought provoking, and WAY different from the standard Optical Mag. Sort of like the "Mother Jones" of the industry.
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    Wave GREAT JOB on the Magazine! The cover alone is worthy of some praise.

    I was blown-away with the quality and consistency of the message; this is a must have and my team will look forward to helping you in anyway possible. The magazine offered information that is real and allows us to connect the dots.


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