great news, imatters is growing! we are adding both experienced eyecare recruiters and one most fabulous administrative assistant.

our goal is to help eyecare professionals succeed, through expert understanding of eyecare, and unwavering commitment to excellence with imatters.

as our eyecare recruiter, knowledge of hiring practices, familiarity of optometric and ophthalmic practices - as we place optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, opticians, CRA, COA, COMT, trainers, - if it is in eyecare - we are the leader in placements.

as our corporate elite recruiter, our fantastic clients in the corporate world include: zeiss, heidelberg, medflow, sales and trainers to sightpath, fortec for surgical technicians and sales representative
as an administrative assistant, your career can include access to both recruiting divisions as well as our job board posting model.

recruiters love this role and we are willing to train those that have a passion for succeeding, can be self managed, and enjoy a variety of training to place you in the drivers seat one day. working offsite is no problem for us, yet the administrative assistant we would like to have come into imatters on a daily basis.

while we offer both part time and full time opportunities, all imatters employees come with a basic set of skills, including outlook, excel, word, and EMR types of programs, we need you SUPER computer literate, and have a conversational way to make each and every person engaged with imatters the best experience.

the best part? the opportunity to help others succeed in eyecare!

we have it all for those that love to give back to their community, and in return for your passion for all things eyecare we have a fantastic benefit package, matching 401k up to 4%, medical, dental, long/short term disability, PTO, education, and robust pay/ bonus program.

hey, we represent the best practices in the US - shouldn't we offer the same to our family here at imatters. yes indeed.

now is the fun part! meeting you! send your resume to us at . bradley will be reviewing your resume, scheduling your interview and providing detailed understanding our all of the careers we have at the best family in eyecare. we cant wait to meet you!

imatters is the leading eyecare staffing organization, we provide access for our clients to top notch candidates, through multiple levels of service.

from our job board postings, to our recruiting models, we have it all for the savant eyecare professional to engage the best possible talent for their corporations.

as a 13 year old company our goal is simple, help others succeed - in placements, integration, education and development. we know eyes.

we are ready to assist both clients and candidates see the most extraordinary talent and practices all through our eyes at imatters ,