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Thread: Canon CR6 45NM Help Digitizing it

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    Canon CR6 45NM Help Digitizing it

    Hello from Canada
    I picked up this old CR6 with a Sony DXC 970MD camera attached.
    Is there anyone out there that can convert this to digital for me?? It's an older Cr6 serial # 201021 so I was told by the Retinaphile guys that it lacks a newer board (inside the fundus cam) that allows a Canon DSLR to trigger the flash.
    I dont want to deal with the overseas vendors so any help would be appreciated ...


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    Contact Synemed. I had to upgrade mine CR6 to a new version of windows recently and had to get a new computer board to exchange for my old one. They helped me out. Call david whalen at 801-201-9252, but I spoke mostly with Jason or Dan.

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