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Thread: Some Optical History of back 5 years ...........................

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    Blue Jumper Some Optical History of back 5 years ...........................

    Lens Chic- R.I.P.
    Written by Cathy on February 8, 2011 – 4:44 pm -

    Most have already heard that Eye Overheard posted their last post. I wish to write her eulogy as I believe that many will miss her, her wit, her humor and her ability to think out of the box and especially the images!

    We the opti girls started out about the same time in this industry, where no-one was blogging or even knew what a blog was. We communicated back and forth, put each other on our blog rolls and slogged through the morass of Social Media, fed each other stories. She had the brazenness to speak out, to make fun .....................

    see all of it : ==========>
    Read all of it: ---------------------->

    Chris Ryser

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    Blue Jumper This is the last post you will ever read! ......................

    This is the last post you will ever read!

    31 Jan 2011 Not active anymore

    Yes it’s true. This will be the last new post on EyeOverheard!
    First let me say thank you to EVERYONE who supported, hated, screamed and laughed at us and with us over the last 3 years!! It has been one hell of a ride. Something that started out so tiny, grew to eclipse all of the trade company websites for hits. We are the only site who had the @#$% to say what others think.

    The reasons the blog will stop are quite inconsequential!

    Allow me to take a moment to recap the last 3 years

    Our first post (now removed) told the world that all Pearle Visions were going to be corporate Luxottica- I think 3 people read the story, and all said bull****! Guess what, we were right.

    Our first big story was that Essilor was buying Signet Armorlite. We broke this in September 2008, and everyone said we were crazy! Little did they know, we knew!! After months and months of both Essilor and Signet denying the deal, it finally came out. If you could have heard the things we knew. Things said at both of their national sales meetings. Things said behind closed doors. We didn’t want to name names, so we just let the story unfold.

    We talked about how Essilor discovered the internet, and many of you got a BIG laugh!

    We told you all FIRST that Essilor would buy Shamir. Again the denials…

    LensChic and her cartoons! By far the most popular author, her stories always the most popular. the video’s she made, copied by others, but none better than hers! Did you know they played the Typical Essilor sales call at the VSP national sales meeting?

    We told you VSP would go into Costco..they did

    We told you Trufocals suck…and they do

    We told you Pixel sucked and won’t succeed, and they won’t!

    The DIY home LASIK kit! One of our favorite pictures

    Remember Dr. Michelle at UrbanOptiques? Great place, GREAT bad she got in bed with VSP (we still love you)

    Vision Source to be Essilor soon..we still say yes

    We discussed Lenscrafters MBE, and exposed it for the joke it was.

    Remember when Al Cleinman got hit by a car? Rumors were it was driven by a VSP employee. Man that picture was hilarious!!

    Let’s be honest, people loved our images, and we loved posting them!!

    We told you that both Essilor and VSP were going online to consumers, and they have.

    Do it yourself eyeglass kiosks
    Dictator specs, “QotD”, *** in Glasses…all fun repeating stories!

    Modo sells ECO to Walmart…stupid move Modo
    We enjoyed the Eyevote winners, even though they are the same every year.

    Let us tell you what still will happen.

    Essilor will own their own retail stores. VSP will continue to allow their “insurance” to be used in more and more chains, Lenscrafters is coming. Essilor will kill Definity PAL’s and release a new FreeFrom PAL using Shamir technology. Sheep will eat it up! Hoya may be the only company with balls, and they are silently becoming a totally free form lens company. Zeiss will continue to have money issues and possibly be bought by VSP.

    Last, Luxotica and Essilor will form a partnership that will blow you all away!

    Thanks Squeak Cat, Jimmy daddy ,Barry and the others who really cared.

    Never stop believing and ABE!

    Thanks for reading, and in the immortal words of Monty Python..**** OFF!.............................

    That was the last words we ever heard and read from

    Check and join Opti Board, the liveliest optical forum on the web at:

    Chris Ryser

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    I still miss her!
    Lost and confused in an optical wonderland!

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    I do too, she was wonderfull... sniff, sniff
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    I'm pretty sure I shared a cab with her in NY last year, I came close to finding out her identity as close as figuring out a cousin and out of respect stopped dead in my tracks. Her posts were smart and whimsical. She was defiantly young at heart, but her writing g and execution is indicative of someone mature to the industry and life. With such timely access to information definately a big city gal. I miss her writing as well but I think I still read her stuff now just written under another name.

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